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Social Care Support at Zonal Hospital.

'Social Care Unit (SCU)' in operation at Lumbini Zonal Hospital (LZH), Butwal and the services of SCU are facilitated by NAMUNA after signing an agreement with the hospital. 

The SCU's service started from the month of Baisakh 2073. Being a Tertiary level 135-beded hospital having more than 230 staff, LZH is one of the biggest Government hospitals in Western Development Region of Nepal. The hospital catches about 4 Million people who lives in 13 districts of the Region. 

Poor, Helpless, Differently abled, Senior Citizens, Victims of Gender Based Violence and Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) are being targeted to provide 'FREE' Health Services through a 'Biasless Transparent Screening Process'  to receive the service. 

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